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Below is a list of all available JW.org videos available locally on the Telsat Broadband servers.  You can either stream these videos online (in supported browsers), or right click on the link and choose 'Save Target As' to download the video to your computer or device.

All of the videos available here (and more) are also available on www.jw.org.

Ambae (East)
Huri Na Haven Goin Lae Huhuiana Huri Buku Gogonamp4
A Unique Bible Exhibitmp4
A Wonder On 400 Wheelsmp4
Building A New Biblemp4
Half A Century At Wallkillmp4   rar
Meeting The Demandmp4
Moving Out Of 117 Adams Streetmp4
New World Society In Actionmp4
New World Society In Actionmp4
Sign Of The Timesmp4
Speeding Up the Distribution of Literaturemp4
Tour of the Art Departmentmp4
Why We Came to Bethelmp4
World Headquarters Historical Exhibitmp4
Building, Construction, Relocation & Renovations
An Assembly Hall Dedication in the Rainforestmp4
Britain Branch Office Relocation Reportmp4
Building Kingdom Halls Advances True Worshipmp4   rar
Building Kingdom Halls In Remote Locationsmp4
Cameroon Branch Construction Reportmp4
Construction of Warwick Moving Aheadmp4
Finding Volunteers for the Warwick Projectmp4
France Branch Construction Reportmp4
Jehovah's Witnesses—Building Without Bordersmp4   rar
LDC - Designing Future Kingdom Hallsmp4
New Buildings That Honor Jehovah's Namemp4
Plans to Relocate the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnessesmp4
Progress at Warwickmp4
Seeing Jehovah's Hand When Building Kingdom Hallsmp4
South Africa Branch Expansion Reportmp4
Stanley Theater Renovationmp4
Wallkill Expansion Updatemp4
Warwick Update No 02mp4   rar
Efate (South)
Nlaken i Ku Kin Ntafnauen Ni Natus Tap Ipi Lesokmp4
Global News And Disasters
“Our Branch Office Is Not Hidden Anymore!”mp4
A Long Line of Prisoners—Where Will It Endmp4
A Precious Gift in Portuguesemp4
Alberta Floodingmp4
Australasia Branch Reportmp4
Branch Report Ecuador and Chilemp4
Britain Branch Reportmp4
Burundi Branch Reportmp4
Documenting Examples of Faith During Typhoon Haiyanmp4
Ebola Updatemp4   rar
Excerpt - Jehovah's Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assaultmp4
Freedom in Turkmenistanmp4
Global News - Armenia Releases Conscientious Objectorsmp4
Hurricane Sandy Relief—Love in Actionmp4
Hurricane Sandy Relief - Love In Actionmp4
India Branch Reportmp4
Israel Country Reportmp4
Japan - Rebuilding Lives One Year Latermp4
Jehovah’s Witnesses Call for End to Unjust Detention in Azerbaijanmp4
Jehovah's Witnesses in Taganrog Criminally Convicted for Their Faithmp4
Jehovah's Witnesses On Trial In Taganrogmp4   rar
Madagascar Branch Dedicationmp4
Malawi Branch Reportmp4
Mauritius Branch Reportmp4
Micronesia Branch Reportmp4
Moldova Branch Reportmp4
Namibia RTO Dedication Reportmp4
Nepal Earthquake Update—June 2015mp4
Philippines Typhoon-Faith Conquers Adversitymp4
Remote Translation Offices Help Spread the Kingdom Newsmp4
Repression Of Religious Freedom In Russiamp4
Retrial of Jehovah's Witnesses in Taganrog—When Will the Injustice Endmp4
Russian Authorities Fabricate Evidence to Charge Witnesses With Extremismmp4
Russia's Highest Court Bans Witnesses' Legal Entity in Samara - What's Nextmp4
We Won't Forget Yoump4
Zambia Branch Reportmp4
Important Programs, Meetings, Assemblies And Conventions
134th Gilead Class Graduation Highlightsmp4
137th Gilead Graduation Programmp4
138th Gilead Graduation Programmp4
139th Gilead Graduation Program Part 1 - Introduction And Talksmp4
139th Gilead Graduation Program Part 2 - Student Experiences And Interviewsmp4
139th Gilead Graduation Program Part 3 - Concluding Talk And Assignmentsmp4
140th Gilead Graduation Part 1—Introduction and Talksmp4
140th Gilead Graduation Part 2—Student Experiences and Interviewsmp4
140th Gilead Graduation Program Part 3—Concluding Talk and Assignmentsmp4
141st Gilead Graduation Part 1—Introduction and Talksmp4
141st Gilead Graduation Part 2—Student Experiences and Interviewsmp4
141st Gilead Graduation Part 3—Concluding Talk and Assignmentsmp4
1st School For Kingdom Evangelizers Graduation Highlightsmp4
2014 International Convention—Interview With Zimbabwe Branch Representativemp4
2014 International Convention—Interview With Zimbabwe’s Minister of Tourismmp4
2015 Annual Meeting Program Part 1—Our Christian Life and Ministrymp4
2015 Annual Meeting Program Part 2—2016 Yeartextmp4
2015 Annual Meeting Program Part 3—Refinements in Scriptural Understandingmp4
2016 Annual Meeting Program Part 1—World Headquarters at Warwickmp4
2016 Annual Meeting Program Part 2—A New Release and 2017 Yeartextmp4
2016 Annual Meeting Program Part 3—Talks for Our Encouragementmp4
An Assembly in Their Mother Tonguemp4
Annual Meeting 2014mp4
Audio and Video at Conventions Around the Worldmp4
Behind The Scenes With Convention Volunteersmp4
Differences Between Special And International Conventionsmp4
Finding Venues For Our Conventionsmp4
Highlights of the 1963 International Assembliesmp4
International Convention Reportmp4
Large Convention in Stockholm—A Great Witnessmp4
Our Annual Conventionsmp4
Our Christian Life and Ministry Sample Meetingmp4
Showing Hospitality At International Conventionsmp4
SKE First Graduationmp4
Special Convention In Irelandmp4
Special Convention In Israelmp4
Interviews And Experiences
“Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands”mp4
A Message From Behind the Iron Curtainmp4
Angelica Pintado Molded by Jehovah to Give Her Bestmp4
Ataa Yaldiko Do I Really Deserve Thismp4
Azerbaijan—Jehovah and His People Never Left Usmp4
Bible Education Promotes Literacy in Mexicomp4
Boniface Kwamlah Liberated by Truthmp4
Buna Tejada - Now I Can Hear Jehovahmp4
Burt Mann - I Have Finally Become Somethingmp4
Charles Leathco 70 Years of Blessings in My Assignmentmp4
Charles Eisenhower - Jehovah Directs The Workmp4
Chong-il Park - Trained by Jehovah’s Organizationmp4
Cory Wells - I Wanted the Real Lifemp4
David Slackman Serving Others Brings Joymp4
Derrick Tillett I Knew I Had to Change, but I Needed God’s Helpmp4
Entrusted With Translating The Sacred Pronouncements Of God​—Romans 32mp4   rar
Experiences From The Navajo Field - Eric and trez Hartmenmp4
Expert Views On The Right Of Conscientious Objectionmp4
Family Worship The Challenges—The Rewardsmp4
Follow Jesus, But Not at a Distancemp4
Forest James A Medicine Man Encouraged Me to Read the Biblemp4
France Returns Funds to Jehovah’s Witnesses - Interview with Jean-Claude Ponsmp4
Francis Rodrigues Happy to Be a Tool in God’s Handmp4
From Prison To Prosperitymp4   rar
George Couch This Is Jehovah's Organizationmp4
Herman van Elburg - Surrendered His Life for Our Brothersmp4
I Gave Up on Religionmp4
I Got Fed Up With My Lifestylemp4
I Thank Jehovah For Helping Memp4
Imitate Jesus’ Use of Power—Faithful Single Onesmp4
Introduction to “Viewpoints on the Origin of Life”mp4
Irene Hof Laurenceau - An Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Her Faithmp4
Isolated but Not Forgottenmp4
Jade Long Jehovah Never Forgets His Sheepmp4
James Dyson - Jehovah is Kind and Mercifulmp4
Jayden Schreiber Finding a New Path With Autismmp4
Jehovah Has Done So Much for Memp4
Jehovah’s Witnesses in Manhattanmp4
Johny and Gideon - Once Enemies, Now Brothersmp4
Living by Touchmp4
Lloyd Barry - Life as Missionary in Japanmp4
Lyman Swingle - Producing 'The New World Society In Action'mp4
Manfred Steffensdorfer How Merciful Jehovah Was to Memp4
Max Larson - Never Thought of Anything Elsemp4
Nancy Yuen Jehovah’s Name Will Be Made Knownmp4
Older Ones - You Have an Important Rolemp4
Penny Green It Was Like Coming Homemp4
Persuade Your Heart Before Jehovahmp4
Phelicity Sneesby Jehovah Is More Powerful Than My Health Problemmp4
Preaching in “the Most Distant Part of the Earth”mp4
Rajesh Kalaria A Brain Researcher Explains His Faithmp4
Remote Volunteers Help Further Kingdom Interestsmp4
Rey Baltasar Perla I Chose Jehovah Over Politicsmp4
Robert Hatzfeld Serving With God’s Progressive Organizationmp4
Robert Luccioni Do Not Love the World (1 John 2​15)mp4
Sabina Hernández With Jehovah, I Can Do Almost Anythingmp4
Samuel Herd United—In Spirit and in Thinkingmp4
Serving Where The Need Is Greatermp4
Sibusiso Mzizi Jehovah Guarantees All That Is Goodmp4
Steve Gerdes We Will Never Forget the Greetingmp4
Strength Comes From Serving Jehovahmp4
The Maraises Opportunities to Show Our Faith in Jehovahmp4
The Schulzes A Trauma Can Be Overcomemp4
The Gournons - Seek First the Kingdommp4
The Simplified Edition Of The Watchtower - Helping Reach Children In Denmarkmp4
The Simplified Edition Of the Watchtower - Helping To Teach Childrenmp4
Theocratic Schools in the Heart of Africamp4
Theodore Jaracz - Enduring Persecution Brings Blessingsmp4
These words . . . Must Be On Your Heart. - Family Interviews - Extra Features.mp4
To The Ends Of The Earthmp4
We Just Don't Want This to Endmp4
'Without It, I Would Feel Lost'mp4
Yaroslav Dovhanych A Zoologist Explains His Faithmp4
Yoshie Nagata - A Simple Life Can Be Rewardingmp4
JW Broadcasting
Behind the Scenes—Translation of JW Broadcastingmp4
Behind The Scenes of JW Broadcastingmp4
Intro JW Broadcastingmp4   rar
JW Broadcasting - Experiencesmp4
Organizational Accomplishments—Two Years and Counting With JW Broadcastingmp4
JW Broadcasting\Jw Broadcasting 2014
December 2014 JW Broadcastingmp4
November 2014 JW Broadcastingmp4
October 2014 JW Broadcastingmp4   rar
JW Broadcasting\Jw Broadcasting 2015
April 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
August 2015 Broadcastingmp4
December 2015 - JW Broadcastingmp4
February 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
January 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
July 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
June 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
March 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
May 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
November 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
September 2015 JW Broadcastingmp4
JW Broadcasting\Jw Broadcasting 2016
April 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
August 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
December 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
February 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
January 2016 - Broadcastingmp4
July 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
June 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
March 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
May 2016 JW Broadcastingmp4
November 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
October 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
September 2016 - JW Broadcastingmp4
Kids\Caleb And Sophie
A Message To Your Familymp4
Animated Series - Touching the Lives of Young and Old Alikemp4
Creation Of Caleb And Sophia Videosmp4
Creation Of Caleb And Sophie Videosrar
Lesson 19 - Be Generousmp4
Lesson 20 - Be Appreciativemp4
Lesson 21 - You Can Be Patient!mp4
Lesson 22 - One Man, One Womanmp4
Lesson 1 - Obey Your Parentsmp4
Lesson 10 - Be Kind And Sharemp4
Lesson 11 - Forgive Freelymp4
Lesson 12 - Caleb And Sophia Visit Bethelmp4
Lesson 13 - Jehovah Will Help You Be Boldmp4
Lesson 14 - Prepare Your Commentmp4
Lesson 15 - Pay Attention at the Meetingsmp4
Lesson 16 - Preach In A Foreign Languagemp4
Lesson 17 - Protect Your Childrenmp4
Lesson 18 - Respect Jehovah's Housemp4
Lesson 2 - Obey Jehovahmp4
Lesson 3 - Pray Anytimemp4
Lesson 4 - Stealing Is Badmp4
Lesson 5 - Let's Go In Servicemp4
Lesson 6 - Please And Thank Yoump4
Lesson 7 - Giving Makes You Happymp4
Lesson 8 - Be Neat And Cleanmp4
Lesson 9 - Jehovah Created All Thingsmp4
Lessons 1-14 Calebrar
Kids\The Bible
Memorize Bible Books—Part 1mp4
Memorize Bible Books—Part 2mp4
Memorize Bible Books—Part 3mp4
Kids\What Your Peers Say & Good Advice
Act Wisely When Bulliedmp4
Be Social-Network Smartmp4   rar
Beat A Bully Without Using Your Fistsmp4   rar
Body Imagemp4
Cameron Found the Best Life Evermp4
Cell Phonesmp4
Healthy Lifestylesmp4   rar
Keep Improving Your Family Worshipmp4
Making Peace Brings Blessingsmp4
Moneymp4   rar
Protect Your Childrenmp4
Sexual Harassmentmp4
Stand Up To Peer Pressuremp4   rar
There is More Happiness in Givingmp4
What Your Peers Say—Belief in Godmp4
What's A Real Friendmp4   rar
Kingdom Melodies and other music
Blessings of Learning a Languagemp4
Don’t Run So Fastmp4
Keep the Pacemp4
Local Sounds That Praise Jehovahmp4
Sing Praises in Imitation of Jesusmp4
Song 152 Our Strength, Our Hope, Our Confidencemp4
Song 153 How Does It Make You Feelmp4
Take Your Time, Choose Wiselymp4
Kingdom Melodies and other music\Choir
More New Kingdom Songs to Jehovah's Praisemp4
Song 140 The Life of a Pioneermp4
Song 141 Searching for Friends of Peacemp4
Song 142 Preaching to All Sorts of Peoplemp4
Song 143 Light in a Darkened Worldmp4
Song 144 It Means Their Lifemp4
Song 145 Preparing to Preachmp4
Song 146 You Did It for Memp4
Song 147 A Special Possessionmp4
Song 148 You Gave Your Only-Begotten Sonmp4
Song 149 Grateful for the Ransommp4
Song 150 Reaching Outmp4
Song 136 - The Kingdom Is In It's Place - Let It Comemp4
Song 137 - Grant Us Boldnessmp4
Song 138 - Jehovah Is Your Namemp4
Song 139 - Teach Them To Stand Firmmp4
Kingdom Melodies and other music\JW Originals
“Honor Jehovah With Your Valuable Things”mp4
Finding Treasuresmp4
Give You My Allmp4
Glad I Passed the Testmp4
I Give You My Bestmp4
If You Could See What I Seemp4
Jehovah Welcomes You Homemp4
Joy of Conventionsmp4
Just a Smilemp4
Just Around the Cornermp4
Never Give Upmp4
Now Is the Timemp4
The Best Life Evermp4
The Best Life Evermp4   rar
They Come To Make Musicmp4   rar
This Is the Waymp4
We Won’t Forget Yoump4
What Means the Most to Memp4
Kingdom Melodies and other music\Sing With Us
Respect Older Onesmp4
Sing with us - Song 001 - Love All Sorts of Peoplemp4
Sing with us - Song 056 - Please Hear My Prayermp4
Sing With Us—002 Jehovah Is Your Namemp4
Sing With Us—057 Preaching to All Sorts of Peoplemp4
Sing With Us—073 Grant Us Boldnessmp4
Song 024 - Keep Your Eyes On The Prizemp4   rar
Song 095 - Taste And See That Jehovah Is Goodmp4
“Hope for What We Do Not See”mp4
“Hope for What We Do Not See”—Introductionmp4
2016 Convention Video Trailersmp4
David—He Trusted in Godmp4
For A Certainty God Made Him Lord And Christ Part Imp4
For A Certainty God Made Him Lord And Christ Part IImp4
Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith in Action, Part 1 - Out of Darknessmp4
Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith in Action, Part 2 Let The Light Shinemp4
Jehovah's Witnesses - Organized to Share the Good Newsmp4
Noah—He Walked With Godmp4   rar
'Not One Word Has Failed'mp4
O Jehovah, . . . I Trust in Yoump4
Our Whole Association Of Brothersmp4
Pursue Goals That Honor Godmp4
The Kingdom - 100 Years And Countingmp4
The Prodigal Son Returns - Behind The Scenesmp4
United by Divine Teachingmp4
'Walk By Faith, Not By Sight'mp4
What Is True Love —Introductionmp4
What Is True Lovemp4
‘God i Mekem Hem i Masta Mo Mesaea’—Haf 1mp4
‘God i Mekem Hem i Masta Mo Mesaea’—Haf 2mp4
O Jehova, . . . Mi Mi Trastem Yu'mp4
Putum Tingting i Stap Strong Long Samting We Yumi No Luk'mp4
Putum Tingting i Stap Strong Long Samting We Yumi No Luk'—Fastokmp4
Appreciating the Benefits of Kingdom Rulemp4
Audio Recording in Cameroon—Challenges and Joysmp4
Brothers—Reach Out for a Fine Workmp4
Choosing a Career With Eternal Futuremp4
Convention Remindersmp4
Do the Work That Jesus Did—Preachmp4
Do the Work That Jesus Did—Teachmp4
Encourage the Inactive Onesmp4
Follow Jesus' Pattern—Keep On Asking, Seeking, and Knocking!mp4
How Can I Stop the Gossipmp4
How Our Work Is Financedmp4
How to Make Memorial Breadmp4
Is It Love or Infatuationmp4
Love And Respect Unites A Familymp4
Make a Success of Your Singlenessmp4
New Release Answers to 10 Questions Young People Askmp4
No Blood—Medicine Meets the Challengemp4
Preparing for Marriage—Part 1 Am I Ready to Datemp4
Preparing for Marriage—Part 2 How Can I Know “the Secret Person of the Heart”mp4
Preparing for Marriage—Part 3 “Calculate the Expense“mp4
Remember Jesus' Deathmp4
The Resurrection—Soon a Realitymp4
The Watchtower - Published Since 1879mp4
Those “Who Are Poor” Will Inherit the Kingdommp4
Transfusion-Alternative Health Care—Meeting Patient Needs and Rightsmp4
Transfusion-Alternative Strategies—Simple, Safe, Effectivemp4
Worth A Second Look!mp4
How Can We Be Sure the Bible Is Truemp4
Introduction to Esthermp4
Introduction to Ezramp4
Introduction to Jobmp4
Introduction to Matthewmp4
Introduction to Nehemiahmp4
Research Tools for Discovering Spiritual Treasuresmp4
Who Is the Author of the Biblemp4
Alex Reinmueller - How Can We Be Fair (Acts 1034)mp4
Anthony Morris III - Keep Your Eyes Loyal to Jehovah (Matt. 528)mp4
Anthony Morris III Glorify Jehovah—The One to Whom Every Family Owes Its Namemp4
Anthony Morris III Jehovah Blesses Obedience (John 2117)(2)mp4
Anthony Morris III Jehovah's Servants Will Be Persecuted (2 Tim. 312)mp4
Anthony Morris III We Protect Our Childrenmp4
Anthony Morris III - What Is the Best Educationmp4
Bobby Dunbar - Progress in Sign-Language Fieldsmp4
Bobby Dunbar - In Their Own Tongue And Style Of Writingmp4
Christopher George - Adjusting Our Sails Through the Winds of Changemp4
Christopher Mavor - Young Ones Are Precious in Jehovah’s Eyes (Ps. 14812, 13)mp4
David H. Splane “He Fell in Love With Her” (Gen. 2467)mp4
David H. Splane Close to the End of This System of Thingsmp4
David H. Splane The “Slave” Is Not 1900 Years Old (Mattmp4
David Schafer - 'Practice Godly Devotion in Our Own Household' (1 Tim. 54)mp4
David Schafer Consider, Incite, and Encourage One Another All the More Somp4
David Schafer - The Power Of Example (Romans 2.21)mp4
David Splane - Prepare to Sing the New Songsmp4
Edward Aljian - An Important Remindermp4
Geoffrey W. Jackson Maintain a Positive Viewpointmp4
Geoffrey W. Jackson The Divine Name of Our Heavenly Fathermp4
Geoffrey Jackson - Counsel That Benefits Us (Psalms 73.24)mp4
Geoffrey Jackson - Helping People of All Language Groupsmp4
Gerrit Lösch - Do Not Hold a Grudge (1 Cor. 138)mp4
Gerrit Lösch “Let Your Light Shine”mp4
Gerrit Lösch Fortified by the Prophetic Wordmp4
Gerrit Lösch Jehovah’s Day Is Coming as a Thief (1 Thessmp4
Izak Marais “When You See All These Things” (Matt. 2433)mp4
Izak Marais - What is Faith (John 12.42)mp4
James Mantz “You Created All Things” (Rev. 411)mp4
Jehovah Is the Only True God (1 Kings 1629-33; 1 Kings 171-7; 1 Kings 1817-46; 1 Kings 191-8)mp4
Joel Dellinger Hezekiah’s “Secret Weapon” (2 Chron. 292)mp4
John Ekrann - 'Happy Is That Slave' (Mathew 24.46)mp4
Kenneth Flodin - Grieving the Holy Spiritmp4
Kenneth Flodin ‘This Generation Will . . . Not Pass Away’ (Matt. 2434)mp4
Kenneth Flodin 'He Will Get Up Again' (Proverbs 24.16)mp4
M. Stephen Lett Honor Jehovah With Your Valuable Thingsmp4
M. Stephen Lett Sincere Commendation Is Always Appropriate!mp4
M. Stephen Lett - Beware Of Overconfidencemp4
M. Stephen Lett - Young Ones You Are Loved By Jehovahmp4
M. Stephen Lett “Maintain the Oneness of the Spirit” (Eph. 43)mp4
Mark Noumair “Work . . . for the Food That Remains for Everlasting Life”mp4
Mark Sanderson - Accept Change With Faith and Confidence (Heb. 1317)mp4
Mark Sanderson Be Willing to Open Your Hand (Provmp4
Mark Sanderson Jehovah Cares for His Sheepmp4
Mark Sanderson We Continually Remember Your Endurancemp4
Our Christian Life and Ministry Sample Meetingmp4
Patrick LaFranca Jehovah Wants Us to Be Generous (Prov. 327)mp4
Ralph Walls - 'Walks As Wise Persons' (Ephesians 5.15, 16)mp4
Robert Luccioni Do Not Love the World (1 John 2​15)mp4
Robert Luccioni Do Not Love the World (1 John 2-15)mp4
Robert Ciranko - Do We Appreciate Our Meetings (Psalms 27.11)mp4
Robert Ciranko - Marry Only In The Lord (Genesis 28.2)mp4
Ronald Curzan Let My Cry for Help Reach You (Ps. 1021)mp4
Samuel F. Herd Imitate Jehovah’s Generositymp4
Samuel Herd United—In Spirit and in Thinkingmp4
Why Reduce the Number of Special Full-Time Servantsmp4
William Malenfant Because You Are Righteous (Neh. 97, 8)mp4
William Malenfant Look Back to Learn​—Look Ahead to Live!mp4
William Malenfant - Reflect Like Mirrors - Jehovah's Glory (2 Corinthians 3.18)mp4
William Malenfant - 'Run The Race' With Endurance (1 Corinthians 9.24)mp4
A Tour Through Central Europe Branchmp4
Tour of Wallkill Pressroommp4
Tour Of the Canada Printerymp4
Tour Of The Canada Shipping Departmentmp4
Tour Of The Correspondence Department At World Headquartersmp4
Tour Of The Ecuador Branchmp4
Tour Of The Japan Bethelmp4
Tour Of The Japan Branchmp4
Tour Of The Legal Department At World Headquartersmp4
Tour Of The Russia Branchmp4
Tour Of The South Africa Maintenance Departmentmp4
Video Long Bislama
Blong Ol Papa Mo Mamamp4
Gud Nius I Go Long Olgeta Kantri, Mo Laen, Mo Lanwismp4   rar
Introduction to Psalmsmp4
Kam Fren Blong Jehovamp4
Lesen 13 - Jehova Bambae i Halpem Yu Blong Gat Strong Tingtingmp4
Lesen 1-Obei Long Papa Mo Mama Blong Yump4
Lesen 2 - Obei Long Jehovamp4
Lesen 3 - Yu Save Prea Enitaem Nomomp4
Lesen 4 - Yu No Mas Stilmp4
Nei—Fastok Blong Nehemaeamp4
Wanem Nem Blong Godmp4
Vidéos en Francais
Aime toutes sortes de gensmp4
Anthony Morris Jéhovah bénit l’obéissance (Jean 2117)mp4
Apprends les livres de la Bible (1 re - partie)mp4
Azerbaïdjan les Témoins de Jéhovah réclament la fin d’une détention injustemp4
Cantique 24 Fixons nos regards sur le prix !mp4
Cantique 95 « Goûtez et voyez que Jéhovah est bon »mp4
Ce qu’ils en pensent Croire en Dieump4
Ces paroles devront être sur ton cœurmp4
Chante avec nous - 056 - Ô Dieu, entends ma prièremp4
Chantes Avec Nouse - 001 - Aime toutes sortes de gensmp4
Chargés de traduire « les déclarations sacrées de Dieu » (Romains 32)mp4
Charles Leathco 70 ans de bénédictions dans mon affectationmp4
Comment être sûrs que la Bible vient de Dieump4
David mettait sa confiance en Dieump4
Des exemples de foi face au typhon Haiyanmp4
Des exemples qui nous servent d’avertissementmp4
Deviens l’ami de Jéhovah. chante avec nousmp4
Dieu a-t-il un nommp4
Je ne supportais plus ma façon de vivremp4
Jéhovah a tellement fait pour moimp4
Jusqu’aux extrémités de la terremp4
JW.ORG un outil pour faire connaître le message de la Biblemp4
L’application JW Languagemp4
La conception d’une nouvelle Biblemp4
La Cour suprême de Russie interdit l’association des Témoins de Samara à quoi peut-on encore s’attendremp4
La construction de Salles du Royaume favorise le vrai cultemp4
Le culte familial obstacles et récompensesmp4
Le retour d’un fils.mp4mp4
Le Royaume - 100 ans d’existence, et ce n’est que le début!mp4
Les Témoins de Jéhovah - la foi en action, 1re partie - la sortie des ténèbres - la foi en action, 1.la foi en action, 1remp4
Les Témoins de Jéhovah La foi en action, 2e partie - Que brille la lumière !mp4
Les Témoins de Jéhovah - organisés pour proclamer la bonne nouvellemp4
Marchons par la foi, non par la vuemp4
Mes mains sont mes yeuxmp4
Moments forts de l’assemblée générale 2014mp4
Noé marchait avec Dieump4
Nous voulions que cela dure toujoursmp4
Pas de sang. La médecine relève le défimp4
Poursuivez des objectifs qui honorent Dieump4
Prédication dans des régions isolées Australiemp4
Rassemblements internationaux 2014 les Témoins de Jéhovah cherchent d’abord le Royaume de Dieump4
Résiste à la pression du groupe !mp4
Respecte les personnes âgéesmp4
Respectons l’autorité de Jéhovahmp4
Réussissez votre vie de célibatairemp4
Soigner sans transfuser. Besoins et droits du patientmp4
Stratégies alternatives à la transfusion  simples, sûres, efficacesmp4
Témoins de Jéhovah construction sans frontièresmp4
Toute la communauté des frèresmp4
Un demi-siècle à Wallkillmp4
Une longue liste de prisonniers où s’arrêtera-t-ellemp4
Une remarquable exposition sur la Biblemp4
Une bonne nouvelle annoncée à toute nation, et tribu, et languemp4
Unis grâce à l’enseignement divinmp4
Warwick état des lieux no 2mp4
Vidéos en Francais\Caleb Et Sophia
Deviens l’ami de Jéhovahmp4
Lecon 19 - Sois généreuxmp4
leçon 1 - Obéis à tes parentsmp4
leçon 10 - Sois gentil et partagemp4
leçon 11 - Apprends à pardonnermp4
leçon 12 - Caleb et Sophia visitent le Béthelmp4
leçon 13 - Jéhovah te donnera du couragemp4
leçon 14 - Prépare ta réponsemp4
leçon 15 - Sois attentif pendant les réunionsmp4
leçon 16 - Prêche dans une autre languemp4
leçon 17 - Protégez vos enfantsmp4
leçon 18 - Respecte la maison de Jéhovahmp4
leçon 2 - Obéis à Jéhovahmp4
leçon 4 - C’est mal de volermp4
leçon 5 - Tu es prêt pour aller prêchermp4
leçon 6 - S’il te plaît et mercimp4
leçon 7 - Donner rend heureuxmp4
leçon 8 - Range tes affairesmp4
leçon 9 - Jéhovah a créé toutes chosesmp4
Sois véridiquemp4
Une série d’animation qui touche les petits cœursmp4
Vidéos en Francais\JW Télédiffusion
JW Télédiffusion août 2015mp4
JW Télédiffusion avril 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion - décembre 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion février 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion janvier 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion juillet 2015mp4
JW Télédiffusion juin 2015mp4
JW Télédiffusion novembre 2015mp4
JW Télédiffusion - novembre 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion - octobre 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion septembre 2015mp4
JW Télédiffusion - septembre 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion​ mars 2016mp4
JW Télédiffusion​ Octobre 2015mp4
Présentation de JW Télédiffusionmp4
Vidéos en Francais\Les jeunes s’interrogent
Les jeunes s’interrogent... comment se faire de vrais amismp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent... que vais-je faire de ma viemp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - D'autres façons de prêchermp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - Guiléad - la formation au service missionnaimp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - Interviewsmp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - La Valeur de l'étude individuellemp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - Le service au Béthelmp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - L'École de formation ministériellemp4
Les jeunes s’interrogent… Que vais-je faire de ma vie - Souvenirsmp4
A Tool To Help With Our Beliefs About 1914mp4
Distributing Bible Literature in Congomp4
Does God Have A Namemp4   rar
Fishing For Men In Nicaraguamp4
Good News To Every Nation, Tribe, And Tonguemp4
Jehovah’s Witnesses in Manhattanmp4
JW Language App Advertisementmp4   rar
Organizational Accomplishments—SAIL Amsterdam 2015mp4
Our Worldwide Preaching Campaignmp4
Preaching From Ship to Shipmp4
Preaching in the Heart of Siberiamp4
Prison Witnessing Reaches Heartsmp4
Reaching Hearts in the Mountains of Costa Ricamp4
Using JW ORG To Share The Bible's Messagemp4   rar
What Happens At A Bible Studymp4   rar
What Happens At A Kingdom Hallmp4
Why Study The Biblemp4   rar
Witnessing In Isolated Territory—Australiamp4   rar
Witnessing In Isolated Territory—Irelandmp4   rar
Young People Ask
Choosing a Career With Eternal Futuremp4
Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friendsmp4
Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friends - Interviewsmp4
Young People Ask - What will I Do With My Life - Alternative Witnessingmp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - Bethel Servicemp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - Gilead Missionary Trainingmp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - Interviewsmp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - Looking Backmp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - Ministerial Training Schoolmp4
Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life - The Value Of Personal Studymp4
中国视频 - Chinese Videos
一本新圣经的诞生 (Building A New Bible)mp4
向每个国族、部族、语言的人宣扬好消息 (Good News To Every Nation, Tribe, And Tongue)mp4
因上帝的教诲而团结起来 (United by Divine Teaching)mp4
大卫信赖上帝 (David—He Trusted in God)mp4
尊重耶和华的领导安排 (Respect Jehovah’s Authority)mp4
我们整个弟兄团体 (Our Whole Association Of Brothers)mp4
挪亚——与上帝同行的人 (Noah—He Walked With God)mp4
毋忘前车之鉴 (Warning Examples Of Our Day)mp4
直到地极 (To The Ends Of The Earth)mp4
耶和华见证人——组织起来传讲好消息 (Jehovah's Witnesses - Organized To Share The Good News)mp4
耶和华见证人行动显信心——第1集脱离黑暗 (Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith in Action, Part 1 - Out of Darkness)mp4
耶和华见证人行动显信心——第2集发出光来 (Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith in Action, Part 2 Let The Light Shine)mp4
行事为人凭信心不凭眼见 ('Walk by Faith, Not by Sight’)mp4
这些话……你要记在心上 - These Words... Must Be on Your Heartmp4
追求属灵目标,荣耀上帝 (Pursue Goals That Honor God)mp4
青年人问──怎样结交真朋友? (Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friends)mp4
青年人问──怎样结交真朋友?——访问 (Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friends - Interviews)mp4
青年人问——我该怎样运用一生? (Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life)mp4
中国视频 - Chinese Videos\JW电视网
中国视频 - Chinese Videos\大家一起来唱歌 (Sing With Us)
大家一起来唱歌 -第001首 - 爱所有的人mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第002首 感谢耶和华 (Sing With Us - 002 We Thank You, Jehovah)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第020首 我们的聚会蒙上帝赐福 (Sing With Us - 020 Bless Our Meeting Together)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第024首 定睛注视前头奖赏! (Sing With Us - 024 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第053首 团结和睦,并肩工作 (Sing With Us - 53 Working Together in Unity)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第055首 永生终于实现! (Sing With Us - 055 Life Without End - At Last!mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第088首 儿女是上帝所托付的 (Sing With Us - 88 Children Are a Trust From God)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第089首 耶和华亲切地说:“我儿,你要有智慧” (Sing With Us - 89 Jehovah's Warm Appeal Be Wise, My Son)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第092首 “务要传讲神圣的话语” (Sing With Us - 92 Preach the Word)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第095首 尝尝主恩就知道上帝良善 (Sing With Us - 95 Taste and See That Jehovah Is Good)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第106首 与耶和华缔结友谊 (Sing With Us - 106 Gaining Jehovah's Friendship)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第120首 听从而蒙福 (Sing With Us - 120 Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第130首 生命多么奇妙 (Sing With Us - 130 The Miracle of Life)mp4
大家一起来唱歌——第132首 胜利之歌 (Sing With Us - 132 A Victory Song)mp4
中国视频 - Chinese Videos\志轩和盈盈 - Caleb & Sophia
感动小朋友的动画片 (Creation Of Caleb And Sophia Videos)mp4
教训 1 - 听爸爸妈妈的话 (Lesson 1 - Obey Your Parents)mp4
教训 10 - 要愿意跟别人分享 (Lesson 10 - Be Kind)mp4
教训 11 - 愿意原谅别人 (Lesson 11 - Forgive Freely)mp4
教训 12 - 志轩和盈盈参观伯特利 (Lesson 12 - Caleb And Sophia Visit Bethel)mp4
教训 13 - 耶和华会给你勇气 (Lesson 13 - Jehovah Will Help You Be Bold)mp4
教训 14 - 准备在聚会里回答问题 (Lesson 14 - Prepare Your Comment)mp4
教训 15 - 聚会时要专心 (Lesson 15 - Pay Attention at the Meetings)mp4
教训 16 - 学新的语言去传道 (Lesson 16 - Preach In A Foreign Language)mp4
教训 2 - 听耶和华的话 (Lesson 2 - Obey Jehovah)mp4
教训 3 - 随时祷告 (Lesson 3 - Pray Anytime)mp4
教训 4 - 偷东西是错的 (Lesson 4 - Stealing Is Bad)mp4
教训 5 - 我们去传道吧! (Lesson 5 - Let's Go In Service)mp4
教训 6 - 要记得说“请”和“谢谢” (Lesson 6 - Please And Thank You)mp4
教训 7 - 施与令你快乐 (Lesson 7 - Giving Makes You Happy)mp4
教训 8 - 我们要保持整齐清洁 (Lesson 8 - Be Neat And Clean)mp4
教训 9 - “耶和华……创造了一切” (Lesson 9 - Jehovah Created All Things)mp4
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