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If you live in an area where we are currently not able to offer local network wireless; don't worry, we do have other options!

We are also able to offer dedicated or shared (depending on location and population) VSAT solutions to give you connectivity anywhere in Vanuatu!

So really, our coverage is 100%!

Why not drop us an email or call into our office and we'd be happy to discuss how we can get you online today!.


Telsat Broadband currently offers three types of service coverage; each of which we'll explain below and give you an approximate coverage area.  If you are unable to see our signal, have no fear; you might simply need an outdoor antenna to pick it up!  Quotations and site survey's are free so why not organise one today to see how we can get you connected to the future of Broadband Internet!

Coverage Level 1 - Localised WiFi (HotSpots)
This coverage is provided by our network of short range wireless transmission units located on buildings throughout Port-Vila and the surrounding suburbs.  If you're in a coverage area, you can scan for our wireless signal with your WiFi enabled device and pick up our SSID (network identifier) "TelsatBroadband".

See where signal is available right now: Live Coverage Map

More areas are coming online all the time!  Not in a coverage area?  Why not drop us an email and let us know where you would like to see our signal!

Coverage Level 2 - Dedicated Network
Our dedicated network provides coverage from any one of our 14 towers located around Port-Vila and surrounding areas.  At present, our tower network covers around 1/3rd of Efate and GROWING!!

Signal is currently available in the following locations*:

Port-Vila City All Port-Vila Suburbs Erakor
Eratap Narpow Point White Sands
Shark Bay Teouma Bellview
Pango Tagabe Airport
Black Sands Mele & Mele-maat Klems-Hill
Devils Point Dream Cove Pango Point

* For connection to our 'Dedicated Network' a site survey by our technicians is required (survey's are free of charge) to quote you on the connection hardware required and where the best signal can be obtained.

Coverage Level 3 - VSAT Satellite Network
In addition to the two previous forms of coverage, we also have available VSAT Satellite options to provide 100% coverage to the rest of Vanuatu.  Depending on your requirements and the population in the area, we can work on projects from single dedicated VSAT solutions to a shared VSAT Remote Site.

If you're interested to know more about the VSAT options that are available, drop us an email or simply call into our office for a chat; we'd be happy to discuss your options with you.

Telsat Broadband already has a number of VSAT Sites in operation in the following remote locations:

Santo & Surrounding Islands Tanna Ambae


Did you know one of the best benefits of being with Telsat Broadband is that you no longer need to have separate accounts for your home and business?  That's true!  With your Telsat Broadband Account, you can roam through any of our signal coverage areas** without needing an additional account; finally you can be connected to your electronic lifestyle wherever you are.

Better yet, you can add additional simultaneous logins to your account allowing your home, office and even your WiFi enabled devices to be connected all at the same time.

For more information or to setup multiple logins for your account, come in and see us, we'll be happy to assist!

** Roaming is available in Coverage Levels 1 & 2; limited access is provided in some Level 3 Coverage zones.


Accessing Telsat Broadband is easy and efficient with the following features:

  • Largest WiFi network coverage in Vanuatu.
  • 100% coverage with VSAT network.
  • Roaming and sharing capabilities.
  • Little or no extra hardware required.
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